Roll and write games

Read our concise overview of what roll and write games are and some ideas for designing your own.

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Board game prototypes

Our brief guide to creating a prototype of your board game, will give you some things to think about when getting started.

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What are Print & Play games?

P&P does what it says on the tin. These are mostly games where the resources - the board, the counters and other materials - can be downloaded and printed off.

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Carcassonne Introduction

Created in 2000, it is a tile-laying type game for 2-5 people, easily understood by players of 7 years and up and most games can be played in well under 45 minutes.

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Pandemic Beginners Guide

Global pandemics have always been a prominent and sad part of our civilised history, so any game based on such events needs to be both interesting to play and sensitively approached.

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Guide to D&D Dice

In such an expansive game as D&D the dice act like the unseen hand of god, fate, destiny, luck… call it what you will…

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Beginners Guide To Catan

Like any good board game, it has spawned all manner of expansion packs and spin-offs along the way, as well as a host of games emulating its style.

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